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April 13, 2012

Friday Five 4/13/12

Breaking china in slow-motion

Slingshots vs. a tea set + slow-motion = yeah!

Awesome marble machines

I wish I had the skills and patience to build these sort of things, but I have big dumb clumsy hands. I’ll study these for when I make my homemade pinball machine though.

All the jumps from Dukes of Hazzard

The title says it all. It’s like every episode was just an excuse to throw this car off a ramp.

The Hubos perform Come Together

Jonah and I were listening to Kraftwerk the other day and he came up to me a day or so later and asked to hear the robots again. So I tried to play him some more Kraftwerk and he got agitated and kept pulling out our copy of Abbey Roads and talking about Come Together (one of his favorites). I couldn’t figure out what he wanted to listen because he kept talking about robots playing the Beatles song. After some extensive questioning, I finally remembered THIS video which we watched like a MONTH ago. That kid has a crazy memory.

4-year-old skateboarder

Speaking of Jonah, this kid is the same age as he is, but damn if he doesn’t kick some ass. He’s better than me anyway. Jonah could probably get this good if he had a ramp in his room, too.

and now… Jonah eating pop-rocks.


April 9, 2012

#musicmonday Kraftwerk – Die Roboter

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Kraftwerk – Die Roboter

One of my favorite Kraftwerk songs. I love Kraftwerk’s aethetic.

lyrics under the cut


November 11, 2011

Friday Five: 11/11/11

Happy 11/11/11/11/11/11 day! Here are some videos for you to enjoy!

The GAG Quartet – le Internet Medley

This band does covers of internet memes because that’s what the internet is for. Well done medley.

First trailer for GTAV

I have no idea what system this is coming out for but I am excited to see more. I loved GTA:SA but I completely skipped playing GTA IV (not only because I didn’t have the correct system, but also because I heard it wasn’t very fun). I like the look of V from this tiny glimpse, but the realism is starting to bother me in my morals a bit perhaps because I’ve become a parent since I last played GTA. The last time I played San Andreas I stole a bike and kept showing off my tricks to the people on the streets. If they didn’t like my tricks, I’d punch ‘em. Then I jumped some cars off some ramps, but the bullet-fueled rampages just weren’t as much fun any more. #getting older :(

Abobo’s Big Adventure

Speaking of games I’m looking forward to, my good pal Roger and his friends put together this loving homage to classic video games staring your favorite Double Dragon baddie and mine, ABOBO (though for the record I’m a bigger fan of Abobo’s green counterpart). This game looks like amazing fun and I will be writing a full review once I’m able to play. Be warned, I suck at video games, so by full review, I probably mean a full review of the first three levels before I get frustrated and give up.

Welcome to Kitty City by Cyriak

Jonah calls the sliding glass doors behind which two extremely fat kitties sit at the other end of our apartment complex “Kitty City” when he rides his tricycle past it. I can only hope that THIS is what it looks like in his imagination.

ASIMO gets a speed boost

Robots are getting faster and are one step closer to being able to do the hokey pokey (and serve drinks afterwards). The future is here!


July 1, 2011

Friday Five: 7/1/11

High-speed robot hand

Oh for fuck’s sake. when these things take over we are in SO MUCH TROUBLE!

Cassini mission set to music

CASSINI MISSION from Chris Abbas on Vimeo.

I could watch this for forever. space is fun!

Abandoned Aerojet Rocket Factory in Florida

Space Miami – Aerojet-Dade Rocket Site Documentary from Coffee and Celluloid on Vimeo.

As an urban exploration nut, this is the fascination to me. I especially love the voice over historical narration to give some depth to the images.

Cat that gets busted barking like a dog

Here’s that damned cat that everyone has seen already barking like a dog until it gets caught by its owner and then… meow!

Freakoutman – Only you make my dreams come true


June 24, 2011

Friday Five: 6/24/11

Dr. Whooves

Doctor Whooves from NQN on Vimeo.

Pool playing robot

Robots are supposed to take our jorbs… not our recreation! Step back robots… this time you’ve gone too far!

Atari Glitches

Atari Glitch [Part 3] from Ian Stirewalt on Vimeo.

This is beautiful. I used to do this to my Atari all the time. I always wanted to do a music project with the sounds and images.

Killer Queen sung by clones

I’m not usually a fan of a capella singing but this guy does a great job with the editing and can sing his ass off. I guess it’s not really TRUE a capella because he breaks out the instruments halfway through and that’s when it gives me chills. At least he didn’t pick Bohemian Rhapsody!

Crazy motion capture dance off

Pretty impressive with very little lag. I think the Gorillaz should look into projecting animations like this live on stage.


June 10, 2011

Friday Five: 6/10/11

Arcade Dominator

This guy pwns the arcade like WHOA!


Dick smackin’ to the spider-man theme.

50 State stereotypes in 2 minutes

Fun and offensive and so so true!

Robot juggler

Robots make another job obsolete.

Physics presentation involving PONIES!

For all you Bronies out there. If you want to get an A+ on your physics presentation then it’s a good idea to involve ponies! ponies ponies ponies!


April 22, 2011

Friday Five: 4/22/11

Real life Rock ‘em Sock ‘em

What could go wrong with teaching robots to punch humans? I kept expecting the robot’s head to go “sproing”

Ghost towns and malls in China

A whole empty city to explore! fun!


Symmetry from Everynone on Vimeo.

WOW! A short film about life by Everynone in collaboration with WNYC | Radiolab. Brilliant!

Jim Mahfood’s Marijuana Man

This is a little late for 4/20, but i think it looks really neat. I haven’t been excited about new books in a while, but i will totally give my money to Image for this.

Kittens in cups!

Or bowls… whatever. They’re crazy over there in Japan!


March 25, 2009

Worst Robot Sword Fight Ever

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Robots+Swords, how could you go wrong? This is how.

via Unique Daily


April 11, 2008


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As soon as i dig up an old vibrating pager, I’m going to make one of these. Cute!


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