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February 15, 2013

Friday Five 2/15/13

Meteor over Russia

Looks like some pieces and parts from that “near miss” are getting a little close. Eeesh!

10 more bets you can’t lose

That is unless you count getting punched in the face losing. :(

Projecting video on a snow storm

Amazing and beautiful (despite the fact that it’s video from that new pile The Lorax)

A talking piano

Kind of… but it’s pretty close and the voice is sort of spooky. I would use this in a sound project for “alien translation” or “spooky demon voice”

Vending Machine FAIL

These guys thought they had it all figured out… nope!

Photo of the week:

Gasoline Rainbow


December 30, 2011

Friday Five: 12/29/11

The ensemble “Birch” – “Pryalitsa” (google translated)

A hypnotic Russian folk dance with a wonderful color palette and a song as catchy as Trololo. In parts it doesn’t look like their legs are moving and the ladies are strapped to skateboards. Sort of the opposite of the Rockettes. There’s an “in Soviet Russia…” joke there somewhere but I’m too lazy to make it.

Three Cubes Colliding

Three Cubes Colliding from Jimandtonic on Vimeo.

This is a really cool 3-D printed art project. Some neat shifting focus shots in the beginning but the real money is at the 2:00 mark where they actually get the thing floating.

One bag’s journey through Delta

Follow a bag with 6 cameras through the mysterious black flaps at Delta Airlines.

Don Cherry’s Piano Desk

Nice execution of a simple concept. I only with there was a sustained note from the piano when the OTHER announcer pounds his fist on the desk. A duet!

Time-lapse Christmas Crowd

X-Mas Zoo from Ben Lean on Vimeo.

By Ben Lean filmed in Distillery District and Eaton Centre, Toronto Ontario. I love time-lapse stuff and this guy seems to have a bunch of it. Check out South Meadows from related videos too.


February 10, 2009

lightning fast flight of the bumble bee…

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