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January 12, 2013

2012 end-of-year Column Quote Caricature round-up

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Here are the last three years of caricatures from my weekly column quote puzzles


June 26, 2012

366 Page Comic Challenge 178/366


Page 20

Again, I didn’t draw any of these characters (though I may do some fan art soon). All the Adventure Time images were from the Sticker Time app by Cartoon Network. I just provided the script and the backgrounds.


June 25, 2012

366 Page Comic Challenge 177/366


Page 19


June 24, 2012

366 Page Comic Challenge 176/366


Page 18


June 23, 2012

366 Page Comic Challenge 175/366


Page 17


June 22, 2012

366 Page Comic Challenge 174/366


Page 16


June 21, 2012

366 Page Comic Challenge 173/366


Page 15


June 20, 2012

366 Page Comic Challenge 172/366


Page 14


Work from Home Wednesdays: Batman Spider-man

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I got to lay out and design my favorite sort of article the other week for the print edition: a preview of summer movies. Sure, I could pull some images of movie posters, slap them in place, flow the text and call it a day, but when I get the opportunity to draw super heroes, I don’t pass it up. Not only do I get to make my job more interesting (and make the publication look a bit nicer), I get to have some fun and build up my portfolio at the same time.

I picked Batman and Spider-man from this list of upcoming blockbusters, because… who wouldn’t!

I wanted to go the Ba’man/’Piderman route, but decided it was too obscure. So I flowed in my text, looked at the space I had available and hashed in a rough block for my illustration, making sure to leave space for the big ad in the lower right of the page.

Available space #todorrobot #illustration

Then I printed out the weird shape and did some roughs in my sketchbook

initial #sketch #illustration #todorrobot #batman #spiderman

I wasn’t really happy with how stiff Batman looked, but I brought it into Illustrator anyway and hoped I could clean it up there.

#spiderman #batman #illustration finishing up

Eh, a little better. I like how Batman looks like he’s about to get ol’ Spidey with a sucker punch left hook. Luckily, someone’s spider sense is tingling. Here it is on the final page and printed (with decent registration for once!)

Got my tearsheets. Good registration for once!

Yeah for getting paid to draw super heroes!


June 19, 2012

366 Page Comic Challenge 171/366


Page 13

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