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September 30, 2011

Friday Five: 9/30/11

31 Jokes for NERDS!!!

Some good ones in here.

Slinky Drop

Excellent example of Newtonian physics at work here. Still neat to watch in the slo-mo.

This guy owns at the robot

Awesome dance routine to a dubstep remix of Pumped Up Kicks. This guy looks like liquid and the song is sweet too.

Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling

Sad to see so many people getting hauled off in stretchers after throwing themselves down a hill for a wheel of cheese. Looks like fin though.

An interview with Bina48

What a weird uncanny valley this thing lives in. Why can’t we send stuff like this into outerspace?


September 23, 2011

Friday Five: 9/23/11

Hello and welcome back to the Friday Five! You’d think I’d have a bunch of stuff stock piled, but I only got reconnected to the internet last week and now that I’m working from home, I spend a lot less time dicking around on the internet. I’ll settle into a new groove though. In the mean time, here’s 4 videos to keep you entertained.

Tape Generations

Tape Generations from johan rijpma on Vimeo.

Lots of rolls of tape in this one. Nice in-camera trick and execution of concept.

Pink Floyd’s the Wall by Mariachi

Off-genre covers has become a running theme it seems.

What it’s like to fly over the earth

Put this on full screen and pretend you’re silver surfer.

Mad tea serving skills

Full respect for someone who is awesome at his job!

Animated alphabet

The Alphabet 2 from n9ve on Vimeo.

D is for demolition


August 12, 2011

Friday Five: 8/12/11

Squiggle deeper

Vi Hart takes doodling in math class a level deeper. All her videos blow are great but this one blows my mind.

Rock balancing

This guy has a super-power. plain and simple.

Weird Al mocks Sara

All this recent talk about MTV made me remember watching ALTV whenever he would take over the airwaves. I used to think this was the height of comedy, but now it just seems a little screechy. A lot of MST3K in this and you know, give me a break, I was 13 when this aired. I had a crusty old dubbed VHS tape of this kicking around for the longest time and I remember there were the same three commercials over and over again.

Devo sings Worried Man

The MTV talk also got me thinking about the best/worst movie ever: Human Highway by Neil Young, which features this cameo by Devo as a nuclear clean up crew.

Team iLuminate Dance

I don’t watch America’s Got Talent, but this dance routine is pretty amazing. Nice use of choreographed technology.


March 4, 2011

Friday Five: 3/4/2011

Portlandia – Put a bird on it

I kept seeing people saying “put a bird on it” and had to look it up to see what it was from. Fred Armisen’s Portlandia apparently.

Jay Pharoah does 50 impressions

The new guy from Saturday Night Live in what was probably part of his audition tape. Good stuff.

Speaking of Impressions

This is a damned good Nic Cage impression by Rob Magnotti.

U Smile slowed down

I know this is old, but i relistened and love it all over again. Justin Beiber’s U Smile slowed down 800% turns into a Sigur Ros ballad!

Conan plays life-sized Angry Birds

Balloon pigs hidden under IKEA furniture + a giant sling shot. This must have been a fun day at work for the production department. Unfortunately you have to sit through 30 seconds of George Lopez first :(


February 25, 2011

Friday Five: 2/25/2011

Drunk Baby Trashes Bar

Trailer for the short film “Las Palmas” by Johannes Nyholm, due out later this year.

Whiskey the cat gets some Bustin!

Bustins for kitties!

Adrian Edmondson in a bank commercial

Not sure if this was the pre-Young-Ones inspiration for Vyvian, or a post-Young Ones advert capitalizing on the series. Either way it’s pretty funny.

How far is the moon from the earth?

Now you know.

Batman gets pwned

Batman sucks at DC Universe vs. Mortal Kombat

A Painful Glimpse into the writing process

A Painful Glimpse Into My Writing Process [In Less Than 60 Seconds] from chel white on Vimeo.

A psychotic animation from Chel White about his writing process. Seems legit.


February 18, 2011

Friday Five: 2/18/2011

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Things and the things they’re made of:

Things and The Things They’re Made Of. from on Vimeo.

A nice animation by Eric Rothman and Phil Sierzega made in a marathon 48 hours.


I really love the stark geometric elements in these art projects. Awesome stuff!

Tin steam powered boat

…like the one from Ponyo. More awesome toys from trash here

Der Mensch als Industriepalast

This video from Henning M Lederer animated Fritz Kahn’s illustration from the early 1900s “Der Mensch als Industriepalast” which depicted the human body as a large, integrated industrial process.

3-D printable guitar

Zoybar TOR from Kevin Holmes on Vimeo.

Here’s what a 3-D printable guitar sounds like. pretty neat. check out more here

Tall Painting

Paintings by Holton Rower using lots and lots and lots of paint.


February 11, 2011

Friday Five: 2/11/2011

Deepest hole in the world?

These kids seem to think so, but i don’t think it will stay so deep if tourists keep coming by to throw rocks in it.

Drunk guy vs ice

Looks like the crazy fuck did this all on his own without anyone else filming. Brrrr!

Civilized cat eating fish

This never gets old. I love this gag. This cat is sooo pimp!

Family Fued: Something that gets passed around:

“Name Something You Pass Around” – Watch more Funny Videos
The answer may surprise you!

Raquel Welch: Space-Girl Dance

Goofy, sexy(?) go-go dance from the sixties.


February 4, 2011

Friday Five: 2/4/2011


Googy Ep.1 from mike manasewitsch on Vimeo.

An independent web series from Channel 101. This looks like a budget version of Pee Wee’s Playhouse and is the same surreal fun.

Global Village Construction Set

Global Village Construction Set in 2 Minutes from Open Source Ecology on Vimeo.

This looks awesome! Open-source generic pieces that can be built into useful items for performing farm and construction tasks on the cheap! Like giant erector sets.

Wakeboarding on Cranberries

Ok, the guy in the beginning seems like a douche, but he’s wakeboarding on cranberries.

How to be Alone:

In this age of constant contact, it’s important to remember how to be cool all by your lonesome. Here are some tips to get you into your shell.

Putting Faith in its Place

An incredible dissertation for why “Because I believe it!” Is not a valid argument for faith based arguments (especially RE: bigotry, violence, political weight etc). alone,


January 28, 2011

Friday Five: 1/28/2011

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Was out of town last week running amok. Here’s a little catch up.

SNL The Creep

This was waiting for us on our DVR when we got back from vacation last night. The Jesse Eisenberg episode got a couple of big nods in relevance this week (and for the last season or so). First Mark Zuckerberg drops by during the opening monologue. Was this an ego trip for him? Do you think SNL asked him to stop by or did Mark seek out being on the show? John Water’s cameo in the above skit — The dark older side of Weird Al’s “White and Nerdy” IMHO — seems like Vincent Price’s intro in “Thriller” and the feat. Nicki Minaj lend legitimacy to their ability to produce a listenable/danceable song. Also, within the past season, more and more celebrities have been stopping by: Anderson Cooper and Paul Reubens from last week’s episode come to mind, but it seems to be a growing trend, which means there must be some demand and clout to the show again.

They Might Be Giants – 7

Jonah was in love with this video this weekend. From the TMBG album “Here Come the 123s”

Tie Tying Machine

Brilliant. I love the sound. I want to mix that into the drumbeat of a song.

Squirrel Obstacle Course

That reminds me. I want to check out THIS book.


January 21, 2011

Friday Five: 01/21/2011

Why Can’t We Walk Straight?

A Mystery: Why Can’t We Walk Straight? from NPR on Vimeo.

Saw this a month or so ago, but it popped up again on Boing Boing and I thought I’d share. I really want to try this experiment. who’s with me?!

Hardcore drummer + preaching baby

YouTube Doubler

Youtube doubler? Sweet! I will be playing with this some more.

Water Sculptures

Water Sculpture from Shinichi Maruyama on Vimeo.

Artist Shinichi Maruyama
via Boing Boing

Return of the Jedi Alternate Ending

Sorry Ewoks!

Automato: Ketchup dispensing robot

Worst robot ever? or best? It’s so enthusiastic and farty!

Canoeing through a flooded McDonalds

This is creepy and surreal.

Danny MacAskill – Way Back Home

Free-style bike master Danny MacAskill tears it up in front of some amazing scenery. The song’s not bad either. Beautiful stuff and awesome bikery.

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