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January 11, 2013

Friday Five 1/11/13

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A compilation of kids winning boardgames in the 80s. #winning

75 Atari 2600 games

A nice selection of classic Atari games and all the obnoxious noises they make. I want to sample these.

The Charlie Brown School of Dance

Learn to do all your favorite Charlie Brown Character dances.

The Science of Lucid Dreaming

Some helpful tips for how to lucid dream.

The origin of Quantum Physics

In case you were curious.

Photo of the week:

Snowball on the go!


January 4, 2013

Friday Five: 1/4/13

Happy New Year everyone! Back to the Friday Fives! Enjoy!

Squirrel wrecks a kitchen and then escapes like a BOSS!

This happened to me once. I woke up to find a squirrel staring at me from across the room and then a chased it around the house with a broom until I locked him in the stairwell. Animal control came to remove it and it sounded like fucking LOONEY TUNES in there with all the crashing and banging and screaming. Good times.

IMDB’s top 250 in 2 1/2 minutes

Brilliantly edited. How many do you recognize? Music is a mashup of Joan Jett, The Beatles, House of Pain and Cypress Hill by DJ FAROFF.

“Sexy” pranks from Just For Laughs

I love a well executed and non-cruel pranks. These had me cracking up.

Penguin takes a fall and makes the best sound ever

Assuming this isn’t fake, the reaction sound of surprise and resignation between the group and the individual are surprisingly human.

Brian Williams takes Zooey and Siri down a peg

…and just declares the day a total loss.

Photo of the Week:

Toilet in a tree


November 30, 2012

Friday Five 11/30/12

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David Cross voices a ham sandwich in a fridge terrorized by encroaching ice.

Cat Roommate vs Dog Roommate

Spot on.

Amazing anamorphic illusions

This is why we can’t trust our brains.

Best car impressions

His two-strock moped engine is great, as well as his stalled Volkeswagen. Weed whacker indeed.

Dotted lines in chalk

speaking of fart noises…


November 28, 2012

#musicmonday – Reflection Eternal – Ballad of the Black Gold

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Reflection Eternal – Ballad of the Black Gold

So. Good.

Lyrics after the jump


November 26, 2012

#musicmonday – Datarock – True Stories

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Datarock – True Stories

this song bubbled up on my play list again after a long hiatus. From the lyrics to the key changes to the world beat and jerky rhythms it’s a near flawless pastiche of a Talking Heads song.

Lyrics after the jump


November 6, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 6

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Yeah! NaNo meeting at the shop today! I wrote my opening dream sequence. It only made it to 850 some words but at least it was progress. According to the NaNo site. at this rate I’ll finish on Dec 12. :( At least I made some progress and finished a chapter.

Now to go watch the rest of the election coverage.


November 5, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 5

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Ugh… still too sick to be able to concentrate and write, but I took a day bath and started reading Diary by Chuck Palahniuk to get me in the writing mood. I came up with some good inspiration for my opening sequence though it will mean some rewrites.

Later, Corey and I looked up Chuck’s wikipedia page to see what his next book would be and he’s doing a redux of Invisible Monsters… AS A CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE NOVEL!!! Bah! At least mine will be finished first. So HA!

Definitely going to get some writing done tomorrow at writer’s meeting… if I feel up to it.


November 4, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 4

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I’m sick and I didn’t write a stitch all day. I’m now officially behind, but I did get an insight to but some momentum in my story, so that might help get me motivated to get back to it tomorrow.


November 3, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 3

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ugh… getting a slow start this morning. I’m still sick and am trying to work through a cold-pill cocktail of fogginess. Also my story is boring… It’s time to shake it up some. Sponge Bob has already made an appearance. Oy!


November 2, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 2

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It was slow and cold at the shop today so I was able to get some writing done between patrons. I’m starting to catch Jonah’s cold so the haze of Day-Quil slowed me down a bit. Still I was able to press through on a couple of chapters. I had hoped to get some more writing done when I got home, but was feeling too lousy.

I took a bath before bed and had a couple good revelations about the end of my novel though. And I may have saved my main character’s life… but we’ll see. More words tomorrow.

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