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March 22, 2013

Friday Five 3/22/13

Luke’s Change

A well done parody of the 9-11 conspiracy video Loose Change, claiming that the destruction of the original Death Star was an inside job. I’d believe it!

All the alternate endings to the Animaniacs theme

Jonah has discovered the Animaniacs. I never watched it regularly but Corey was a big fan. Here are the variant from the theme song.

Totaka’s Song

A video explaining a secret Easter Egg tune hidden in a bunch of Nintendo games. Have you ever heard it?

Soulja Boy’s got the Munchies

Soulja Boy has got the munchies and he’s not afraid to show you how he’s gonna deal with it. I like that he’s bought one of everything from the local 7-11, including some Snackwells!

Electric Fence Experiment ends as expected

The title says it all…

Photo of the Week:

TV in the wild…


February 22, 2013

Friday Five 2/22/13

Behind the back table tennis shot!

the other guy is totally shocked (though I think the guy who made the point was equally as shocked!)

Troy leaves Abed a message

This is me starting every email exchange. Bleh!

3-D drawing pen!

Just draw your stuff right in the air with superfast cooling plastic ink. WANT!

Coin on a treadmill… for an HOUR!

Watch it!

Pizza in movies

Supercut! mmmmm pizzzzaaaaaa!

Two girls eat a strange Japanese Ice Cream
Embedding was disabled on this video but it’s funny:

Photo of the Week:

Jonah’s monster “Boo!”


August 10, 2012

Friday Five: 8/10/12

The Art of Glitch

In the 80s I used to “fry” my Atari (switch it on and off until it freaked out) to get cool stripes and sounds. I even used them in a college project years later. Now it’s a full fledged art form and I love every bit of it (pun intended?) I’m planning to make some more of my own once I have a spare moment.


Ball from Everynone on Vimeo.

A rapid cut of round things.

Pac-Man the Movie

PAC-MAN The Movie (The Fan Film) from Steelehouse Productions on Vimeo.

A fan movie about the secret government Pac-Man project. A little cheezy, but well done.

How nerves work

An indepth TED talk about the exact functions of our nerve cells.

Cat plays Super Mario Brothers

Probably the dumbest video I’ve seen on the internet in a while.

Photo of the week:

Jonah + Tricycle + Skate ramp


July 13, 2012

Friday Five 7/13/12

MC Frontalot raps about toilet paper

A catchy little ditty that required a couple listens to get all the clever rhymes. I guess Sesame Street is trying for the Gabba crowd?

Skippy the rock skipping robot

Look at it, resting so peacefully by the lake skipping stones. I suddenly don’t feel so worried about the robot uprising… until someone loads this thing up with throwing stars.

Slit-scan video effects

I love this effect. See also the “time dilation” in related videos. It’s one of my favorites.

A date with a virtual girl in augmented reality

Go for a walk in the park with a girl only you can see. It can’t look any weirder than people talking on their hands-free devices. I’m not sure why the first thing this guy does is bop Hatsune Miku on the head, but I think it’d be funny if he kept it up and her virtual ass walked right out the door and ended the program.

Are We Not Men: DEVO documentary trailer

Official DEVO Documentary: 5-minute Preview from DEVOfilm on Vimeo.

An authorized and official full-length DEVO documentary which has already made its Kickstarter goal, but there’s lots of goodies for donors, so get on board. I can’t wait for this!

Photo of the Week:

Lil’ Dude’s Meat Snack


April 20, 2012

Friday Five 4/20/12

More jackassery in slow motion: Dumt & Farligt

Super slow motion highlights from Danish TV show “Dumt & Farligt”.  

Kracie – happy kitchen number 4 – miniature hamburger

Just add water hamburger kit. I want to try this sooo baadly. Hamburger candy from Japan.  

Tron – Uprising on Disney XD

A new animated series about Tron on Disney. Setting up to record now… or well… in June anyway.  

Crazy Steampunk Kung-fu movie trailer: Tai Chi 0

This looks pretty awesome!  

We’re Not Young Parody

If this had been done by Weird Al it would have been 15% better, but 20% less true. I feel pretty good about my current station in life, but this still cuts a little close to home.  


April 13, 2012

Friday Five 4/13/12

Breaking china in slow-motion

Slingshots vs. a tea set + slow-motion = yeah!

Awesome marble machines

I wish I had the skills and patience to build these sort of things, but I have big dumb clumsy hands. I’ll study these for when I make my homemade pinball machine though.

All the jumps from Dukes of Hazzard

The title says it all. It’s like every episode was just an excuse to throw this car off a ramp.

The Hubos perform Come Together

Jonah and I were listening to Kraftwerk the other day and he came up to me a day or so later and asked to hear the robots again. So I tried to play him some more Kraftwerk and he got agitated and kept pulling out our copy of Abbey Roads and talking about Come Together (one of his favorites). I couldn’t figure out what he wanted to listen because he kept talking about robots playing the Beatles song. After some extensive questioning, I finally remembered THIS video which we watched like a MONTH ago. That kid has a crazy memory.

4-year-old skateboarder

Speaking of Jonah, this kid is the same age as he is, but damn if he doesn’t kick some ass. He’s better than me anyway. Jonah could probably get this good if he had a ramp in his room, too.

and now… Jonah eating pop-rocks.


March 16, 2012

Friday Five: 3/16/12

Insane Downhill bike race in Chile

Holy cow! The path is so narrow and then throw in steps and gaps and dogs and spectators, cripes! I want this to be a video game.

Journey for the PS3

This looks like the most intriguing game I’ve seen come up for the PS3. There are no monsters to fight, no (initially anyway) objectives to solve, just you and a desert and ancient ruins. So elegant and beautiful. I like seeing game designers put down the first person gun an explore something new.

Skeletor’s Greatest Insults

Skeletor lets loose on his minions and takes them down a peg or six. I’d forgotten how much the Monarch from Venture Brothers is based on Skeletor’s buzzsaw voice and ineptitude.

Awesome Rube Goldberg Machine

Audri is 7. He was inspired to make this video after seeing OK GO’s This Too Shall Pass. This kid is awesome!

Star Wars Uncut

And because I wanted to save it here for posterity, here’s the Star Wars film chopped up into 15 second slices and reshot by random people. So cool!


March 2, 2012

Friday Five: 3/2/12

Grandparents discover Photobooth

What is a leap year

A detailed explanation of the minutia of our planets rotations and orbits and the limitations of our current calendar. Makes me wonder what time it is on the moon. EDIT: apparently

Story from North America

Awesomely weird animation from Garrett Davis and Kirsten Lepore. Fascinating song too.

Never-wet Spray

As some of the commentors asked: how do you wash it off? and if you coated yourself in it, would you sink to the bottom of the ocean?

My favorite Looney Tune gag

They’s done this a number of times. The original was in one of the war films they don’t show anymore. See also, Coyote v. Roadrunner and Daffy v. Bugs. Each with slight variations of the same premise. It’s always


January 27, 2012

Friday Five 1/27/11

Crow goes sledding on a roof

Who says animals don’t have fun?! I was willing to write this off as coincidence when the crow slid down once, but when it took the sled back up and tried again… FUUUUNNN!

Atari Video Music Demonstration

Here’s a rare old piece of electronics that I would love to find at a thrift store one day (good luck they only made them for a year). Not sure what the weird ass music is.

Wonder Woman transforms

The dizzying action doesnt begin until about a minute in. Ka-POW!

Alex Trebek filming promos drunk

It was recently revealed that Pat Sajak hosted Wheel of Fortune on occasion so I dug up this old clip of Alex Trebek drinking a brew and swearing at the camera while filming bumps. Love the accent!

Hello from Movie Quotes

Hello from ant1mat3rie on Vimeo.
Just as the name says… Lionel Richie’s Hello edited together from movie quotes.


January 2, 2012

#musicmonday: Florence and the Machine – Shake it Out

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Florence and the Machine – Shake it Out

This song came on during the repeat of SNL playing on New Year’s Eve. I was hemming and hawing about starting the 366 project and got sucked into her singing. At the end she repeats the phrase “what the hell?!” over and over… and that became my clue to go for it. Not sure what the rest of the song is about, but it got me over this particular hump and I hope to adopt a “what the hell” attitude at trying new things for the rest of the year. Here’s to it.

Lyrics after the cut

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