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February 22, 2013

Friday Five 2/22/13

Behind the back table tennis shot!

the other guy is totally shocked (though I think the guy who made the point was equally as shocked!)

Troy leaves Abed a message

This is me starting every email exchange. Bleh!

3-D drawing pen!

Just draw your stuff right in the air with superfast cooling plastic ink. WANT!

Coin on a treadmill… for an HOUR!

Watch it!

Pizza in movies

Supercut! mmmmm pizzzzaaaaaa!

Two girls eat a strange Japanese Ice Cream
Embedding was disabled on this video but it’s funny:

Photo of the Week:

Jonah’s monster “Boo!”


January 11, 2013

Friday Five 1/11/13

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A compilation of kids winning boardgames in the 80s. #winning

75 Atari 2600 games

A nice selection of classic Atari games and all the obnoxious noises they make. I want to sample these.

The Charlie Brown School of Dance

Learn to do all your favorite Charlie Brown Character dances.

The Science of Lucid Dreaming

Some helpful tips for how to lucid dream.

The origin of Quantum Physics

In case you were curious.

Photo of the week:

Snowball on the go!


August 10, 2012

Friday Five: 8/10/12

The Art of Glitch

In the 80s I used to “fry” my Atari (switch it on and off until it freaked out) to get cool stripes and sounds. I even used them in a college project years later. Now it’s a full fledged art form and I love every bit of it (pun intended?) I’m planning to make some more of my own once I have a spare moment.


Ball from Everynone on Vimeo.

A rapid cut of round things.

Pac-Man the Movie

PAC-MAN The Movie (The Fan Film) from Steelehouse Productions on Vimeo.

A fan movie about the secret government Pac-Man project. A little cheezy, but well done.

How nerves work

An indepth TED talk about the exact functions of our nerve cells.

Cat plays Super Mario Brothers

Probably the dumbest video I’ve seen on the internet in a while.

Photo of the week:

Jonah + Tricycle + Skate ramp


August 3, 2012

Friday Five 8/3/12

We are all related

Not only would we not be here without a little incest… ok a LOT of incest, but we all share atoms in our bodies at this very moment with Shakespeare and Buddha.

The V Motion Project

The V Motion Project from Assembly on Vimeo.

The Motion Project was a collaboration between a lot of clever creative people working together to create a machine that turns motion into music. Personally, I can’t wait for the guitar hero version of this.

Colin Mochrie plays with Star Wars action figures

Sure you may have a bunch of these packed away MIB in your closet, but crack them open! This is the sort of fun you’re missing out on!

Turntables that make art

Drawing Apparatus from Robert Howsare on Vimeo.

I want enough weird equipment laying around that I can make projects like this. Fun!

Flame Thrower Vs. Wasps

The action starts around the 1:00 mark. OMG!

Photo of the week:

Row of red chairs at a yard sale


July 27, 2012

Friday Five 7/27/12

The Secret City of London

Who knew? Not I! Thanks internet.

Dollar Store Magician showdown

Two teams of magicians have an hour to produce a series of tricks using props from the dollar store. It’s interesting to watch how they come up with their tricks.

Dukes of Hazzard Barnbuster playset

I had this as a kid and LOVED it. Maybe I’ll find one of these at a flea market or yard sale someday and reclaim my childhood.

Daisy Fuentes in slo-motion

The title says it all.

Happy Little Trees Bob Ross Super Cut Remix

This song has been making the rounds. It’s nice to see PBS doing some nice promotional work these days. Way to “get” the internet guys!

photo of the week:

Dig this dusty Farfisa


July 13, 2012

Friday Five 7/13/12

MC Frontalot raps about toilet paper

A catchy little ditty that required a couple listens to get all the clever rhymes. I guess Sesame Street is trying for the Gabba crowd?

Skippy the rock skipping robot

Look at it, resting so peacefully by the lake skipping stones. I suddenly don’t feel so worried about the robot uprising… until someone loads this thing up with throwing stars.

Slit-scan video effects

I love this effect. See also the “time dilation” in related videos. It’s one of my favorites.

A date with a virtual girl in augmented reality

Go for a walk in the park with a girl only you can see. It can’t look any weirder than people talking on their hands-free devices. I’m not sure why the first thing this guy does is bop Hatsune Miku on the head, but I think it’d be funny if he kept it up and her virtual ass walked right out the door and ended the program.

Are We Not Men: DEVO documentary trailer

Official DEVO Documentary: 5-minute Preview from DEVOfilm on Vimeo.

An authorized and official full-length DEVO documentary which has already made its Kickstarter goal, but there’s lots of goodies for donors, so get on board. I can’t wait for this!

Photo of the Week:

Lil’ Dude’s Meat Snack


July 6, 2012

Friday Five 7/6/12

Matchstick Rockets

Project: Match Rockets from Grathio Labs on Vimeo.

Good instructions on how to burn your fingertips repeatedly make rockets out of matchsticks. If i didn’t think that this would inspire my son to burn down our house, I’d make some with him.

Trololo kid

This kid does a hilarious job lip-syncing to the Trololo song.

Dubstep robots get into a dispute

Dubstep Dispute from Fluxel Media on Vimeo.

and why not, the one robot keeps fucking up their order. I’d be all wubwubwub too!

Two drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff

Mythbusters beware… these guys are busting some srs bizness

Cotton candy pro

this guy has got to be making some bank on the boardwalk. Props!

Photo of the week:

This clown costs a dollar more than the Jesus painting at the same thrift store.


June 22, 2012

Friday Five: 6/22/12

Picture of the Big Bang

Look back in time to the coagulating center of our universe, or CMB and find out how you can help name all the “mountains” and “oceans” therein.

Why McDonald’s burgers look better on the menus

I’m fascinated by the are of food photography, and only slightly deterred by the fact that this is a McDonald’s product. These burgers get less touching up than your average fashion model, so there’s that.

Lead Breakfast (Pulp Fiction Remix)

A catchy remix song from Pulp Fictions produced by POGO.

The programming of Space Invaders in timelapse

Youtube user irrationalistic recorded programming Space Invaders for his Game Tech class. Captivating!

GTA R2-D2 mod

Artoo goes apeshit on the people of Liberty City. I had no idea he was so well armed!

Photo of the week:

I got a blacklight at a yard sale and messed around with some highliters. Fun!


June 15, 2012

Friday Five 6/15/12

10 bets you’ll never lose

Better than the 10 practical jokes that won’t get you in trouble… here you might actually make some dough.

A brief history of video games

Less a history and more of a musical mega-mix of sound effects and clips through history.

How high can we build

The pyramids reigned as the highest for almost 4000 years…. then… SPACE ELEVATORS!

Homemade steak knife chainsaw

posted without comment.

The view from a jump rope

Full Circle from Callum Cooper on Vimeo.

To compliment the yo-yo video I posted last week, here’s a dizzying view (and stylish film) from a camera mounted on a jump rope.

Photo of the week

Somebody painted a peen on our fence (it wasn’t me)!


June 8, 2012

Friday Five 6/8/12

Wreck-it-Ralph Trailer

A new Disney (non-Pixar) flick about an arcade character tired of being the bad guy. Looks like they paid up (or own) a lot of high-profile cameos… and I for one… AM EXCITED.

Scientist getting close to the lava

Watch as one scientist nervously exclaims “He’s too close… He’s crazy!” as another scientist ventures towards the edge of the fastest most unpredictable lava floe on earth at Mount Nyiragongo.

A future with super-humans

From the guy who brought you “how to survive a robot apocalypse” tells you how it’s going to be once we start incorporating technology into our beings and amping ourselves up.

Super Slo-mo skateboard ground tricks

I wish these were labeled. I’d like to know this shit.

Yo-yo tricks from the point of view of the Yo-yo

Digital tracking software keeps the camera on the yo-yo and not on the hands. Fascinating!

Photo of the week:

This weird green thing.

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