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August 31, 2012

Friday Five 8/31/12

Kubrick’s One-point Perspective Shots

Kubrick // One-Point Perspective from kogonada on Vimeo.

A great super cut of a signature Kubrick shot.

Slow motion water balloons

Exactly what the title says. Captivating!

Cyril Takayama cigarette magic tricks

Superb prestidigitation!


With actual in-game time travel capabilities.

Spray duster prank

Some dudes shooting empty air cans at the wall to try to “remove” the paint. At least that’s what they’re telling the police.

Photo of the week:

Mannequin in lingerie holding an American flag atop a yellow painted station wagon


August 30, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday–Big Ideas / Big Dreams

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As hurricane Isaac pounds Louisiana this week, I am reminded of a time in late August seven years ago when I was undertaking another big adventure. In this instance, it was to drive an RV filled with comics across the country attending conventions and promoting my publishing company, Young American Comics. First I had to get it across the country on its maiden voyage with Corey Marie, my wife to be, and our cat Rocky. Things didn’t go as planned:

(I apologize for the low quality… I couldn’t find the original documents and had to settle for importing these through Instagram)

#yacmobile 01

#yacmobile 02

#yacmobile 03

#yacmobile 04

#yacmobile 05

#yacmobile 06

#yacmobile 07

#yacmobile 08

#yacmobile 09

#yacmobile 10

#yacmobile 11

#yacmobile 12

#yacmobile 13

#yacmobile 14

#yacmobile 15

#yacmobile 16

#yacmobile 17

#yacmobile 18

#yacmobile 19

#yacmobile 20

#yacmobile 21

#yacmobile 22

#yacmobile 23

#yacmobile 24

#yacmobile 25

#yacmobile 26

#yacmobile 27

#yacmobile 28

#yacmobile 29

#yacmobile 30

#yacmobile 31

#yacmobile 32

It took us a long time to recover from the Yacmobile incident, both financially and emotionally. Young American Comics stopped publishing when the economy went sour in 2007/2008 and Corey and I concentrated on our own projects and our family instead.

Now we have a new project and a new dream. This one doesn’t involve packing all our belongings into a 30+ year old vehicle and chancing it across some mountains, but there’s no less risk. We both have the entrepreneurial spirit. It’s in our blood and no amount of set backs or hardships are going to keep us from doing what we want to do. This time we’re going to make it more than 120 miles. This time we’re going to make it over the mountains.

The Riverside Art & Supply Co. fundraiser ends today and every dollar counts. We’ve got a lot of cool incentives at every donation level and we appreciate every dollar that has come in so far. Please spread the word and help us get closer to our goal. We appreciate the support and strive to make a real difference in our community.

Future storefront

Our future store front

Riverside banner!

our banner and but some of the product that will be featured in our shop



Here’s a little video we made with more information. Thanks again!

<3 Tod


August 27, 2012

Riverside fundraiser print – BTTF Delorean

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Here’s a better peek at one of my prints that you can receive as a donation perk for our Riverside indiegogo.

There are only 4 more days to donate and a long way to go. Please spread the word and consider chipping in a few bucks if you can. Every little bit helps. Thanks!


#Musicmonday – JEFF the Brotherhood – Sixpack

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JEFF the Brotherhood – Sixpack

Another find from the Impact; a happy little song that sounds like the Rentals. The video seems like a good time too. Soon, once all this setting up the shop business is over, I’m going to borrow some canoes and set off from the dock behind QD and drink a sixpack of my own on the Grand River. Good times!

As a reminder there are only a few days left for the Riverside Art & Supply Co. indiegogo fundraiser. We appreciate all the support so far but we have a long way to go. Please spread the word and chip in a few bucks if you can. Thanks!

Lyrics under the cut


August 24, 2012

Friday Five: 8/24/12

Coming Soon: Riverside Art & Supply Co.

Hey look! It’s Corey and I in our first awkward video. It’s my first project in Premiere so please don’t judge too harshly :) . Please spread this around and help us raise money to get this shop up and running. We’re doing a whole lot and very little and every dollar helps. We’ve got some cool incentives and things for contributors and there’s only 7 days left. Donate here! Thanks!

Fawlty Towers Basil Supercut

OMG I love this show. This and The Young Ones were too short lived for my tastes. Here is a great Supercut of Basil going off his rocker and generally abusing the people around him. John Cleese stated in an interview once that Basil Fawlty was based on an actual inn keeper that the Pythons stayed at one time. He got some great material from it.


Duelity from Ryan Uhrich on Vimeo.

What is science was a religion and religion was a science. See for your self in this beautifully executed thought experiment.

Alan Rickman makes tea in slow motion

I would watch Alan Rickman do anything… even make tea in slow motion for 7 minutes. Stick around for the end and enjoy the Inception soundtrack in the mean time.

Fight Club recut as a love story

Nicely done. Good inclusion of the Meatloaf song. Kudos!

Photo of the week:

Piles of scrap wood salavaged from junk piles, about to be given new life in our shop. You can help! Donate here!


August 22, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday: Freestylin’, thriftin’ and rippin’ down drywall

Today after dropping Jonah off at school I noticed the trash cans were out along the streets for pick up. I decided to drive around the block a few times to see what I could see and found a cool old door and a nice wooden drawer free for the taking. I drove around some more and found a can full of old window frames and 2×4 scraps that I loaded into the car as the Garbage truck was mere houses away.

Jonah had to get some shots updated for school later in the afternoon. He did such a great job at the doctor’s office. He was very brave and got a big ice cream afterwards.

We drove through Charlotte did some free picking, yard sailing and thrift store shipping. I filled the car full of stuff for a whopping $20! Just think what we could do with some REAL money for the shop. Speaking of which, we’re deep into the repairs currently, fixing up the drywall after we pulled all that nasty plastic wall cover off. We also want to get some stick on floor tiles and need more paint too. I sense a trip to the habitat in the near future.

If you would like to help out, you can check out all our cool incentives here! Every dollar helps, and you get some fun stuff from Corey and I to boot! There are only 8 days left to donate, so please give a little if you can and help spread the word too. Thanks!


August 20, 2012

#Musicmonday – Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams

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The other night Corey and I were up late reliving old “New Wave Hits of the 80s” compilations we had when we were wee teens and how those specific mixes were instrumental in shaping our tastes today. We both agreed that Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics was an all-around flawless 80s song.

Fast forward to this morning someone was blasting this song from their car at the intersection while we loaded more displays into the shop. I like it when the universe provides a soundtrack. Who am I to disagree?

Annie Lennox was the second caricature I did for my regular Column Quote puzzles back in 2010.


August 17, 2012

Friday Five 8/17/12

Horse Taking it to the Limit

A new GTA mod allows you to cause mayhem and destruction as a horse driving a car. The final wreck in the video is hilarious and the song will get stuck in your head.

The evolution of 8-bit art

Another PBS off the book short. These guys have really ramped up their relevance to their core audience. Well done!

More Mitt Band Lip Reading

Tappa Tap it in… it’s a zinger!

Soft Autonomous Indestructible Earthworm Robot!

It’s can’t be stopped!

100 Great Maniacal Movie Laughs


Photo of the week:

Orange Chair.

We’re still pushing for donations for Riverside Art and Supply Co. Please consider donating and cashing in on some of the great incentives we have available. Every little bit helps and we’ve got a long way to go to get this thing up and running. Thanks!


August 15, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday: Thrift Karma

Corey and I have been getting the best thrift Karma in the last few days (weeks even). We drove into Charlotte last night to get Jonah some new shoes and scored a nice (if not a little “distressed”) wood cabinet for $3 at the “As Is” center. Then next door at the Goodwill we found an amazing old mid-century wood and metal teacher’s desk for only $7. It was too big to fit in the car with the kiddo and the other cabinet so I had to go back to pick it up today. It fit by mere inches in the Vibe, but at least I didn’t have to drive home with the back hatch hanging open!


I stopped by the Hospice furniture outlet too and saw a couple things I’d like to pick up if they’re still there the next time I stop in including this awesome orange chair:

I’ve been on constant curb watch over the last few weeks and recently picked up a set of bi-fold doors and an old home-made toy chest, a legless table top, a rickety wooden ladder and a cool old screen door. I got some weird wheeled tables from a dumpster across the street where they were clearing out an old house. I wanted to get more from there, but by the time I got back a few days later they were knocking the house down with a big crane. It makes me sad. If I had known all that stuff was getting trashed I’d have tried harder to get in contact with the owner to pull as much trim and wood and whatnot out of there before they took the wrecking ball to it. Oh well. Still plenty of free things on Craigslist too to track down, pick up and find a use for. Fun times!

Here’s a better shot of the desk in the shop:


August 10, 2012

Friday Five: 8/10/12

The Art of Glitch

In the 80s I used to “fry” my Atari (switch it on and off until it freaked out) to get cool stripes and sounds. I even used them in a college project years later. Now it’s a full fledged art form and I love every bit of it (pun intended?) I’m planning to make some more of my own once I have a spare moment.


Ball from Everynone on Vimeo.

A rapid cut of round things.

Pac-Man the Movie

PAC-MAN The Movie (The Fan Film) from Steelehouse Productions on Vimeo.

A fan movie about the secret government Pac-Man project. A little cheezy, but well done.

How nerves work

An indepth TED talk about the exact functions of our nerve cells.

Cat plays Super Mario Brothers

Probably the dumbest video I’ve seen on the internet in a while.

Photo of the week:

Jonah + Tricycle + Skate ramp

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