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June 29, 2012

Friday Five 6/29/12

World’s most extreme zip line

Vertical drop of 600 meters over a total distance of 1.8km makes this the world’s steepest, tallest and one of the longest ziplines. Its also one of the fastest with top speeds of upto 140 kmph. This zipline is located on Sarangkot, about 10 km from the beautiful town of Pokhara.

Robot dancing to Cake

I want to go to there.

Robber fly dancing to Dubstep

Speaking of dancing things… even robber flies are not immune to the wubwubwub drop!

Landing on Mars

7 minutes of terror before the signal reaches earth letting us know that the Mars rover has completed a very complicated procedure to land safely on the surface. The dramatic music doesn’t help either. Maybe the scientists should turn it off.

Dungeons and Dragons cartoon if it were an actual D&D adventure

A little long but worth the watch. Pretty good interpretation of the only Dungeons and Dragons episode I actually remember. I want to play again :(

Photo of the week:

LSP chillin with Jesus


June 26, 2012

366 Page Comic Challenge 178/366


Page 20

Again, I didn’t draw any of these characters (though I may do some fan art soon). All the Adventure Time images were from the Sticker Time app by Cartoon Network. I just provided the script and the backgrounds.


June 25, 2012

366 Page Comic Challenge 177/366


Page 19


June 24, 2012

366 Page Comic Challenge 176/366


Page 18


June 23, 2012

366 Page Comic Challenge 175/366


Page 17


June 22, 2012

366 Page Comic Challenge 174/366


Page 16


Friday Five: 6/22/12

Picture of the Big Bang

Look back in time to the coagulating center of our universe, or CMB and find out how you can help name all the “mountains” and “oceans” therein.

Why McDonald’s burgers look better on the menus

I’m fascinated by the are of food photography, and only slightly deterred by the fact that this is a McDonald’s product. These burgers get less touching up than your average fashion model, so there’s that.

Lead Breakfast (Pulp Fiction Remix)

A catchy remix song from Pulp Fictions produced by POGO.

The programming of Space Invaders in timelapse

Youtube user irrationalistic recorded programming Space Invaders for his Game Tech class. Captivating!

GTA R2-D2 mod

Artoo goes apeshit on the people of Liberty City. I had no idea he was so well armed!

Photo of the week:

I got a blacklight at a yard sale and messed around with some highliters. Fun!


June 21, 2012

366 Page Comic Challenge 173/366


Page 15


Top Three Thursdays – Kid shows I’m into right now that Jonah hates

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Apparently, I’m a lot more excited about the new batch of cartoons that are coming out than my 4-year-old son is. He’s not really into Adventure Time or Gumball and he barely tolerates Spongebob. Recently a new crop of cartoons have popped up on Disney XD and despite the fact that that channel is over run with commercials and pop-up ads, I’ve really been into the following:

Tron Uprising:

Ok. I admit that I never got around to seeing the new Tron movie in the theaters. And then, as soon as I was finally prepared to sit down and watch it on Netflix, it had been removed. I’m not really sure how this story line works in the continuity, but it’s got Elijah Wood, Bruce Boxleitner, Mandy Moore and Paul Reubens as voice-actors and that makes me happy. Also, light cycles make me happy and the gritty weird cell-shaded character designs are really neat. Sort of reminds me of ReBoot crossed with Aeon Flux.

Gravity Falls:

We watched the first episode of this when it premiered and it’s really cool. It’s about a brother/sister pair who work with their creepy uncle at a Mystery Spot tourist trap. It promises some weird creatures and spooky stories and maybe some ongoing plots. I love the character designs and it doesn’t seems too scary for Jonah either (even though he’s not really interested in it yet). Listen for Kristen Schaal as the voice of Mabel (and also Louise from Bob’s Burgers). Awesome!


We haven’t had a chance to watch the episodes off our DVR yet, but the character designs look like the Gorillaz and it’s about cars and racing and Detroit and a rag-tag bunch of rebels fighting against an evil overlord (voiced by Mark Hamill, ironically). It looks pretty cool. Maybe I’ll watch it tonight!

Runner Up: The Aquabats Super Show

This show is great fun! Irreverent, flashy mix of live action, fake commercials, animation, weird monsters and puppets and, of course, the Aquabats! Eaglebones Falconhawk is my favorite (swoon… I mean… what?) Jonah won’t watch it because the monsters are too scary, but I watch it every week. I love it so much Imma do some fan art! That is all.


June 20, 2012

366 Page Comic Challenge 172/366


Page 14

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