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January 31, 2012

366 Page Comic Challenge 31/366

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January 30, 2012

Music Monday: Drum Boners

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I recently unearthed some old mp3s of my old San Diego band Sonrisa. They were recorded almost 10 years ago and I haven’t played drums since except for a weekend jam session with some local fellows a week or so ago. It felt good to get behind the set again and I wanted to reexamine some songs that have drum parts that always get me going:

In no particular order:

Ride – Vapor Trail

When people ask me what sort of drums I like to play I almost always site this band. Not that I can compare in any way to Laurence Colbert on this track. I love the loud crashy drums over top of the washy shoegaze.

Beck – Chem Trails

Same goes for this song. Big fills over a mellow song. The drummer hardly lets up in this song. Playing like this used to get me dirty looks from the guys in South, my old old band in Richmond. I was usually relegated to tapping time on the ride cymbal as the band droned on.

Postal Service – This Place is a Prison

Not that I don’t like a minimal well placed drumbeat. When you have to wait for a good beat to come in it’s totally worth it. This is the song that sold me on the Postal Service.

Lilys – Day of the Monkey

There’s not much to the drums on this whole album (Eccsame and the Photon Band) but I love the simplicity and the slow syncopated rhythms. I credit this album with inspiring me to incorporate a tambourine into my kit (the only thing beyond a bare bones 4-piece that I play)

Brian Eno – Here Come the Warm Jets

I love this song. I love how it seems like the drum track was recorded completely independently from the rest of the song and how it doesn’t seem to match up at all but still works throughout (albeit crashily and chaotically).

I’m going to play more drums this year and if time allows, maybe I’ll find myself a band.



366 Page Comic Challenge 30/366

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Trying out a monthly update thing to review the comics completed thus far.


January 29, 2012

366 Page Comic Challenge 29/366

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a comic about the weather.


January 28, 2012

366 Page Comic Challenge 28/366

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January 27, 2012

366 Page Comic Challenge 27/366

Dan Harmon (creator of television’s Community) came up with 8 steps for writing plots and I’m experimenting with the format. I pulled some photos from the internet k-hole (occasionally NSFW so be warned) and tried to cobble them into a story of sorts. This is the result.


Friday Five 1/27/11

Crow goes sledding on a roof

Who says animals don’t have fun?! I was willing to write this off as coincidence when the crow slid down once, but when it took the sled back up and tried again… FUUUUNNN!

Atari Video Music Demonstration

Here’s a rare old piece of electronics that I would love to find at a thrift store one day (good luck they only made them for a year). Not sure what the weird ass music is.

Wonder Woman transforms

The dizzying action doesnt begin until about a minute in. Ka-POW!

Alex Trebek filming promos drunk

It was recently revealed that Pat Sajak hosted Wheel of Fortune on occasion so I dug up this old clip of Alex Trebek drinking a brew and swearing at the camera while filming bumps. Love the accent!

Hello from Movie Quotes

Hello from ant1mat3rie on Vimeo.
Just as the name says… Lionel Richie’s Hello edited together from movie quotes.


January 26, 2012

366 Page Comic Challenge 26/366

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I may pick Amoeba Man back up for part two of his story later , but for now, here’s a little peek at some of the originals from my 1991 sketchbook (eeep!)

Old sketched

Original Amoeba Man page 1


January 25, 2012

366 Page Comic Challenge 25/366

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Work From Home Wednesday: The Downside

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Close the pod bay doors HAL

For the past five months I’ve been working from home. In that time I’ve moved across the country, settled into a new home and city and set up a suitable home office for myself. It’s been great, but it is not without its disadvantages.

Today is like any work day. I logged into my work station at 9:00 after dropping Jonah off at daycare. His schedule dictates that I get dressed and leave the house every morning, so I’m not sleeping in until noon nor am I working in my underwear. Also, it’s nearly like having a daily commute, though there’s no traffic in Eaton Rapids and Jonah’s school is less than a mile away.

However, in addition to my normal workload, I’ve also done five loads of laundry, cleaned cat shit off the floor and tended to my sick wife. These are things I would NOT have had to do while sitting in a cubicle. It is often all too easy to mix the day up between personal and professional tasks. I buy and make my own coffee, stock my own toilet paper, waste my own electricity and can complain to no one about my working conditions:

The Life Alert Center
this versus this:
Home office

Not that I’m actually complaining. Working from home is wonderful. I drink better coffee. I sit in a better chair. I feel more creative and relaxed and productive. My carpal tunnel syndrome has eased up. And I would have had to do the laundry and clean up cat shit AFTER I got home from work instead of when it actually needed to be done.

Even if it is all too easy to log in after “normal” work hours to check an email, or finish up a project, it’s totally worth it. I can work when it is most convenient for me to do so as long as I hit my deadlines. I do miss some people from the cubicle farms, and I miss lunch with friends and ping pong in the afternoons, but getting to spend my days in my home office with three asshole cats and my sniffling, sneezing, stuffy-headed wife are invaluable to my mental well-being. Just as the line between working from home blurs, so does the line between being home from work, but when you’re doing what you love from a place that makes you comfortable it’s not a bad gig if you can get it.

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