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November 30, 2011

Work in progress Wednesday: Asimov Eyebrows

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Asimov eyebrows in progress

I aspire to have wild old man eyebrows. Unfortunately I pull at them and twist them until  the most magnificent strands get pulled out. :(

In other news, I’ve been putting the sound effects onto the holiday e-card I’m working on and found a great site for free wav files. Check them out over at Where do you get your sound files?


November 29, 2011

First real snow of the winter

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It rained all day long today and turned to slush when we were on our way to pick Jonah up from preschool.



Once we were home the weather  turned to real deal snow. In an hour it had accumulated about an inch. This amount of snow would have shut Richmond down for a week. Here it’s been surprising that it’s taken this long to stick. Not looking forward to exhuming the car tomorrow.

The amount of snow we got in an hour would have shut Richmond down for a week!

The first real snow!


November 28, 2011

#musicmonday: telekinisis – fever chill

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telekinesis – fever chill

So this is my new favorite musical discovery. I dove through a bunch of youtube vids when Corey pointed me toward these guys and they’re great!

Nothing’s free in your family tree, but when it’s dark again, you can believe again
We were in love in another way, in another city, oh, oh, in another day
But when you look in my eyes, I start shivering
I get a fever chill, I get a fever chill
And I can see straight through to the other side where the winter’s warm, but the sun don’t shine

And I don’t mind when you come undone, and I don’t mind when you ask the question
And I don’t mind when you talk to me in a foreign way, oh, like a foreign film
You sleep all night, I sleep all day, and it’s a habit that won’t just go away
And you’re missin’ all the things that you wanna see, that you wanna see, that you wanna see
And if you have another drink before it’s off to bed, you won’t really realize you’re off your head
Stumblin’ around with all your money spent, all your money spent, all your money spent

Your daddy always told you what you did was wrong, and mother wasn’t there ’cause she was on the run
And now you’re all alone and you can have your fun, you can have your fun, you can have your fun

(When we wake up, we wake up, oh, we wake up, when we wake up, when we wake up
When we wake up, we wake up, oh, we wake up, when we wake up, when we wake up, now)

And when you see me, you’re gonna cry, you’re gonna cry, oh, oh, when you see me, no, oh
When you see me, you’re gonna cry, you’re gonna cry, oh, oh, when you see me, no, oh

Nothing’s free in your family tree, but when it’s dark again, you can believe again
We were in love in another way, in another city, oh, oh, in another day

parade lights


November 26, 2011

45 haul for $5

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I got a giant stack of 45s at the World Mission Thrift store on Cedar Ave. Jonah has been listening to records in his room on his little plastic turntable and even though I don’t recognize a lot of these records there were some definite winners including Celebration by Kool in the Gang which was a record I remember having when I was a kid. Other choice picks include:

Phat 45 haul for $5

The Star Spangled Banner
Chariots of Fire
The Streak by Ray Stevens
Islands in the Stream by Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton
(another copy of) Greatest American Hero Theme
Forever in Blue Jeans by Neil Diamond
(You’re) Having My Baby by Paul Anka
Music from “The Sting”
Ramblin’ Man by Hank Williams Jr.
Queen of Hearts by Juice Newton
and Elvira by The Oak Ridge Boys.

I also got Gene Autry’s Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on LP! Whoot!

The rest seem to be old country albums that I don’t recognize or some artists that I recognize, but don’t know the song.  Still there’s lots to go through and plenty to entertain Jonah with. Yeah!


November 25, 2011

Friday Five 11/25/11

Misfits – She Session A 1977 Original (feat. Peanuts)

Collin’s Lab: Atari Punk Console

OK. This thing sounds awesome. I wish I had the circuit-tech bendy skills to make something like this.

Icy Brinicle reaches down to freeze fleeing starfish

Nature is soooo cool. It’s like the icy hand of god reaching down to smite Spongebob and Patrick.

Anderson Cooper has never seen Redi-Whip before

Is this because he was a rich kid growing up or because he’s spent too much time in Rwanda? Either way he gets very excited about it.

Kitten Wrestling

No one ever went to prison for THIS, Michael Vick!


November 24, 2011

Self Pop Tart

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I recently stumbled on “Self Pop Tart,” a blossoming meme in which either a Pop Tart is superimposed over the digital device in their self portrait, or – as is more often the case – actually posing with a real Pop Tart. After a little research, I found a treasure trove here:

No info on Know Your Meme yet, but I expect we’ll see it there soon.


November 23, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday: Amazon haul

Amazon haul

I was getting jealous of Corey’s big birthday haul from Amazon and then stumbled across an Amazon gift card sitting in my inbox that I’d never cashed in from last year.  I did a little shopping myself:

Bottom to Top:
Powers: The Definitive Hardcover Collection, Vol. 4
This is the finale to the series that I never got to read because I was too broke to keep collecting comics. It was one of the only comics I consistently missed and I’ve been re-reading the single issues to prepare for what I hope will be a satisfying payoff

Challenges for Game Designers
If I had seen this book in the store I might not have picked it up. It’s very dry looking and textbooky, but I’m excited because it’s NON-computer based game theory design and I’m super excited about trying out the assignments at the end of each chapter. I’m going to treat reading this like a class and highlight notes and complete assignments and shit.

Outwitting Squirrels: 101 Cunning Stratagems to Reduce Dramatically the Egregious Misappropriation of Seed from Your Birdfeeder by Squirrels
This had been sitting on my Amazon wishlist for a while after I heard about it on Boingboing. I got it for a penny plus shipping.

How to Write a Movie in 21 Days: The Inner Movie Method
I popped this open at a Books-A-Million a few years back and got totally sucked in and almost read the whole thing in a sitting. I’m also going to try to the actual exercise and write a script in 21 days. I’ve got a comics project in mind that could totally translate to this.

Everything’s Eventual : 14 Dark Tales
Corey bought me the hard back of this for some gift giving holiday and it got lost in one of the moves. I remember really liking the stories in this one and find a lot of inspiration in King’s short stories. I also liked his most recent collection: Just After Sunset

The Lost Symbol
Here’s another book I got for a penny. I’m a sucker for Dan Brown’s formula. It’s cheesy and shitty and repetitive but I love the history and puzzle elements.  Even if it’s all fake crap, it’s fiction woven into canon and I love that.

Super Paper Mario (Nintendo Selects)
I rewarded myself for landing a big client by picking up a new game for the Wii. I know it seems silly to get excited about a game from 2007 when shit like Skyrim is currently blowing everyone’s minds, but I liked the other games in the Paper Mario series and thought I’d give it a shot. The combat system seems a lot different from the other ones, but switching the view from 2D to 3D looks pretty cool. Corey’s been playing it more than me because I’ve got a big project that needs working on!

I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Also FYI, if you follow those links through Amazon, I get a penny or something.


November 21, 2011

#musicmonday Blue Foundation – Eyes on Fire

Blue Foundation – Eyes on Fire

So apparently, this is the hit single from that new Twilight movie or something, but it just came up on my Pandora and I thought it was pretty good, which is the exact opposite of my opinion about Twilight things in that I think it is pretty NOT good.

I’ll seek you out,
Flay you alive
One more word and you won’t survive
And I’m not scared of your stolen power
I see right through you any hour

I won’t soothe your pain
I won’t ease your strain
You’ll be waiting in vain
I got nothing for you to gain

I’m taking it slow
Feeding my flame
Shuffling the cards of your game
And just in time
In the right place
Suddenly I will play my ace

I won’t soothe your pain
I won’t ease your strain
You’ll be waiting in vain
I got nothing for you to gain

Eyes on fire
Your spine is ablaze
Felling any foe with my gaze

And just in time
In the right place
Steadily emerging with grace

Felling any foe with my gaze
Steadily emerging with grace
Felling any foe with my gaze
Steadily emerging with grace


November 20, 2011

Jonah plays along to Jingle Bells

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Jonah is getting to the point where he can put records onto his record player all by himself. He’s been playing Jingle Bells a lot recently and has discovered that we’ll let him play his drums a lot more often if he uses chopsticks instead of real drum sticks (much quieter!). I think he’s doing a pretty good job staying on the beat.


November 16, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday: Holiday ecard

Ecard storyboard

Here’s a quick storyboard I made for an ecard I’m working on – a little holiday rube goldberg-esque machine. It’s been about a year since I’ve done anything in Flash so I expect some initial panicking while I try to remember what the hell I’m doing. But first it’s time to design the characters and elements.

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