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January 28, 2011

Friday Five: 1/28/2011

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Was out of town last week running amok. Here’s a little catch up.

SNL The Creep

This was waiting for us on our DVR when we got back from vacation last night. The Jesse Eisenberg episode got a couple of big nods in relevance this week (and for the last season or so). First Mark Zuckerberg drops by during the opening monologue. Was this an ego trip for him? Do you think SNL asked him to stop by or did Mark seek out being on the show? John Water’s cameo in the above skit — The dark older side of Weird Al’s “White and Nerdy” IMHO — seems like Vincent Price’s intro in “Thriller” and the feat. Nicki Minaj lend legitimacy to their ability to produce a listenable/danceable song. Also, within the past season, more and more celebrities have been stopping by: Anderson Cooper and Paul Reubens from last week’s episode come to mind, but it seems to be a growing trend, which means there must be some demand and clout to the show again.

They Might Be Giants – 7

Jonah was in love with this video this weekend. From the TMBG album “Here Come the 123s”

Tie Tying Machine

Brilliant. I love the sound. I want to mix that into the drumbeat of a song.

Squirrel Obstacle Course

That reminds me. I want to check out THIS book.


January 21, 2011

Friday Five: 01/21/2011

Why Can’t We Walk Straight?

A Mystery: Why Can’t We Walk Straight? from NPR on Vimeo.

Saw this a month or so ago, but it popped up again on Boing Boing and I thought I’d share. I really want to try this experiment. who’s with me?!

Hardcore drummer + preaching baby

YouTube Doubler

Youtube doubler? Sweet! I will be playing with this some more.

Water Sculptures

Water Sculpture from Shinichi Maruyama on Vimeo.

Artist Shinichi Maruyama
via Boing Boing

Return of the Jedi Alternate Ending

Sorry Ewoks!

Automato: Ketchup dispensing robot

Worst robot ever? or best? It’s so enthusiastic and farty!

Canoeing through a flooded McDonalds

This is creepy and surreal.

Danny MacAskill – Way Back Home

Free-style bike master Danny MacAskill tears it up in front of some amazing scenery. The song’s not bad either. Beautiful stuff and awesome bikery.


January 14, 2011

Friday Five: 1/14/2011

Drummer on high-speed

From Time Warp. I miss that show. Also this guy is sick fast.

Never Tear Us Apart

One of my favorite INXS songs covered by Beck and Annie from St. Vincent


This 100% legit and real commercial is from the town i grew up in. Stay classy guys.

Super Delicious Ingredient Force

Holy crap. For advertainment, this is awesome!


A well done info-graphic about the size and scale of our worldwide spending.

Jellyfish – The MTV theme

Heard this the other day and it brought back major flashbacks. I remember watching MTV at the neighbor’s house when i would visit my grandparents LONG before I had cable of my own. They had one of those big click-button boxes for changing the channels. Thanks to Jason for pointing me to the band responsible for this piece of television history.

Ping pong robot

this shit is sweeeeeet.


January 7, 2011

Friday Five: 01/07/2011

Polarbears jack up the science equipment

I like that blizzard cam runs away like a little bitch and also the disappointed face on the polar bear when he crushes snowball cam. awwww.

Matt Jaffe – Don’t Worry About the Government (Talking Heads Cover).

I don’t know how old this kid is, but he’s rocking this song and bringing a little something of his own to the mix too. Nice work and a solid cover!

Siskel and Ebert review MST3K

They don’t seem to get it.

Ben and Laura on Dr. Katz

My mind was blown recently when I discovered that Ben from Dr. Katz was H. Jon Benjamin and Laura was Laura Silverman. They were my two favorites on the show. When is Netflix streaming going to pick these up.


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